We build capacities of a broad spectrum of stakeholders at regional, national, city and local levels. Our tailored capacity building solutions are carefully design to transfer requisite skills towards building competence within organizations to support innovation and system thinking approach to circular economy.

Stakeholders at different levels of  waste and resource management play pivotal roles in catalysing the diffusion and uptake of knowledge and tools, frameworks, and systems that lay strong foundations and promoting the shift support the transition to circular economy.

WaRM cluster provides specialized training programmes, workshops, and interactive knowledge platforms designed to bridge capacity gaps of focal points, technical persons, and other relevant stakeholders from relevant government administrations (local governments authorities, city governments, national governments), informal sectors, CSO’s and private sectors.

We also support North—South research and assessment partnerships for cross fertilization of evidence-based policies, diffusion and uptake of emerging technological innovations, and best practices in the transition to circular economy.