Our Works

Waste and Resource Management(WaRM)

We collaborate with various actors and stakeholders along waste management value chain, we co-develop solutions, build capacities, manage knowledge, and set policy agenda to drive the circular transition and sustainable waste management. We catalyse innovation by providing stakeholders, principally governments and private sector with tools, frameworks and mechanisms to contextualize, and scale innovations that support the transitions to the Circular Economy and 3R's.

WaRM Cluster is well experienced in organizing high-level meetings, workshops, conference to promote dialogue and partnerships, knowledge platforms, and communities of practice for accelerating the diffusion and uptake of sustainable environmental innovations.

Policy Support

We conduct policy analysis, provide policy recommendations, support governments, corporate stakeholders, and development partners working in the region to design and implement science-based adaptable policies on sustainable management of various waste streams.

Research & Assessment

We conduct technological and policy research, assessments, and review of innovative technologies, policy recommendations in waste and resource management for countries, multilateral and international corporations.

Capacity Building & Knowledge Transfer

We build capacities of a broad spectrum of stakeholders at regional, national, city and local levels. Our tailored capacity building solutions are carefully design to transfer requisite skills towards building competence within organizations to support innovation and system thinking approach to circular economy.

Knowledge Building and Management

We delight in generating policy-relevant knowledge for development, co-creation, and continual improvement of ideas of value to support countries and other stakeholders to transition to the sustainable waste and resource management.

Networking & Partnerships Building

WaRM Cluster regularly organizes and facilitates high-level meetings and policy forums for ASEAN member states, International Development Organizations to assist with the integration of regional goals into national frameworks and platforms for facilitating cooperative dialogue.

Pilot Demonstration

The WaRM Cluster works alongside non-governmental organizations and local governments to link knowledge to the practice by implementing pilot projects to facilitate the application and transfer of sustainable waste management technology.

Focus Area

Principally, our work focuses on providing sustainable solutions to key issues in the following areas:

Circular Economy

We are working with key public sector institutions and private sector firms in the region in supporting transition to the circular economy. We support in …

Marine Litter

The WaRM Cluster supports countries in the region with tools, policy, and non-policy measures to monitor and address marine litter challenges. We co-develop tools and …

Eco-Innovation Support

We provide tailored support to various actors; governments and businesses in creating the enabling policy environment, building competence in process innovations and innovation ecosystems towards …

Water & Sanitation

The WaRM Cluster facilitates the diffusion and transfer of innovative water and sanitation technologies.


Leveraging on our immense experience in the region, we provide technical support to central governments, local governments, and private sector entities in the ASEAN to …

Waste to Energy

The WaRM Cluster provides technical assessments, baseline studies, policy support, and knowledge sharing platforms to various stakeholders including governments, private sectors, CSO’s NGO’s in operationalizing …