We provide tailored support to various actors; governments and businesses in creating the enabling policy environment, building competence in process innovations and innovation ecosystems towards transition to sustainable waste and resources management.

There are real pressures to reduce the material footprint per capita and its associated environmental footprints of many countries in Asia and the Pacific region. The burgeoning economic growth of many countries in the region has come on the become of high resource use—material and energy flows— and environmental impacts. For example, in 2015, Asia and the pacific regions was responsible for more than 50 per cent of global domestic material consumption and 55 per cent of global material footprint but only 32 per cent of global gross domestic product. Thus, there is the need for de-linking economic growth, resource use and environmental impact to improve the overall environmental performance of production technologies and products throughout their life-cycle and also make businesses greener.

With eco-innovation, focus is placed on the development and/or adoption of innovations with economic benefits as well as improvements in environmental performance of production and consumption. Environmental benefits include reducing the use of natural resources and decreasing the release of harmful substances per unit output across the whole life cycle. Eco-innovation provides opportunity for businesses to reduced costs, helps capture new growth opportunities and strengthens the company image in front of its customers. 

We are keen on facilitating the diffusion and transfer of eco-technologies and innovations within the region through knowledge brokering, and fostering the development of networks and relationships to bring systemic transformations for better products and services with enhanced environmental, social, and economic performances. 

  • Policy guidance

  • Fostering networking and partnerships

  • Knowledge management and dissemination

  • Technical innovation support