WaRM Cluster regularly organizes and facilitates high-level meetings and policy forums for ASEAN member states, International Development Organizations to assist with the integration of regional goals into national frameworks and platforms for facilitating cooperative dialogue.

We mostly work with our network of key focal points and an ecosystem of stakeholders from national and city level governments, informal and private sectors, civil society organizations, and international and relevant national and regional institution development institutions.We are working in all regional, national, and local levels; although we have been working mainly in Asia and the Pacific.

We are continuously strengthening our center’s cooperation with national and city governments, private sector, and informal sectors across the region and leveraging this in delivering much needed support in capacity development and policy support services.

WaRM Cluster organises seminars, symposiums, consultations, conferences, and webinars, and to facilitate intergovernmental and cross-sector dialogue, knowledge exchange, and science-based knowledge transfer. The Cluster also provides coordination support and relevant platforms for multisectoral engagements.

We would like to expand our partnership with other regions.